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Our Favorite Piano Care Tips

Hailun HG 178

Your piano will give you and your family a lifetime of music while adding joy and beauty to your home. Since it is such a large investment, keeping it in good condition is important. Here is our top 10 list of favorite piano care tips!

Play your piano regularly. You'll get the most enjoyment from it and reach your potential much faster. A disadvantage to idle pianos is that a detrimental condition or environment can be difficult to identify.

Keep your piano in tune. Pianos are designed to be in tune to the international pitch standard of A-440. Your piano will sound its best and give you and your family the most pleasure when it is in proper playing condition.

Control the temperature and humidity. Try to maintain consistent temperature and humidity levels in the room. Keep your piano away from heat sources in the winter, air conditioning vents in the summer, a fireplace, a frequently opened window or outside door, and direct sunlight.

Keep liquids off the piano. Keep all drinks and standing liquid containers away from the piano. Should spilled water or liquid reach the action, notify you piano technician immediately.

Always use an experienced piano mover. There is a very specific way to move a piano. Experienced piano movers know the right way to secure and move your piano. Make sure your piano mover is experienced. You will avoid injury to yourself, your instrument, and your home.

Don’t worry about the inside. Resist the urge to dust inside of your piano, oiling the moving parts, or using moth or insect repellents. Your piano technician will take care of all internal problems.

Keep your piano clean. Keep the keyboard covered when not in use. Clean the keys by wiping them with a damp cloth and drying immediately. For hard to remove debris, try wiping the cloth on a bar of mild soap before wiping. Do not use chemicals or solvents to clean piano keys.

Don't perform repairs yourself. Though a problem may appear easy to solve, a qualified technician will have the proper tools and parts to make repairs quickly and correctly.

Maintain the finish. To maintain the piano's finish, wipe the case with a damp cotton cloth to remove fingerprints. Avoid aerosol spray polishes that contain silicone. Your technician may suggest a specific brand name.

Always call a Registered Piano Technician. Select a piano technician with care. It's important that your service technician be competent to perform tunings, regulation, and repairs. Hiring a Registered Piano Technician, who is committed to comprehensive service for your piano, and not just an occasional tuning, is your best assurance. To find a RPT in your area visit the Piano Technicians Guild website.

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