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Is my child ready?

In a few weeks many parents will be celebrating the parent version of Christmas - the first day of school! No more lazy days of nothing to do. Back to school means back to the normal routine of everyday life. And with school back in session, that means all the extra curricular activities start back as well.

We have been busy gearing up for the Fall session of piano lessons at our studio. As soon as school starts back, we will be back to weekly lessons, and we are excited! We're looking forward to seeing all of our students get back to their lessons and make some beautiful music.

Whenever I get a call from a parent interested in piano lessons for their child they always ask the same question, "Do you think my child is ready." There are some things to look for and consider when trying to decide if a child is ready, but usually, the fact that the parent is calling is a good sign that it's time to start.

Because every child is different, there isn't a clear-cut answer on the best time to start lessons. However, we recommend starting around kindergarten. Since most children have attended preschool or another type of learning center before starting kindergarten, they will have experience with the structure of a classroom, following directions, and sitting and listening for periods of time. All this will help when it comes time to sit with the piano teacher for their lesson. ​While younger children might not have those skills yet, it doesn't mean they aren't ready. To help you decide if your child is ready, here are six signs to help you figure it out!

1. Interest and Excitement. Your child has expressed an interest in learning how to play the piano. When they are near a piano, they willingly sit, play and explore. They seem genuinely eager and excited to learn. 2. Accept Instruction. Your child is very open to learning new things and will willingly accept guidance and instruction to master new skills. 3. Focus. Your child can focus on a book, puzzle, craft or another task for 10-15 minutes. 4. The Basics. They can count to 10, know their A, B, C's and know their right from their left. 5. Finger Strength. They can reach and stretch their fingers to push the keys down. And finally . . . 6. Ready to learn. You know your child best! So, if he or she talks non-stop about taking lessons and wanting to learn, then it just might be time to start. There's never a wrong time to learn anything new. Even if all the signs aren't there, beginning piano or any music lessons is always step in the right direction for your child.

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