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Tuning and Repair Services

The fee for a basic tuning for customers in McLennan County is $140. Prices for repair work will vary depending on the type of repair, the time it will take to complete the repair and any parts we will need to order.  In some cases, minor repairs can be addressed during the tuning process in other cases; it will be necessary for our technician to examine the piano and issue an estimate before any repair work begins.  The cost for a repair estimate that is not part of the tuning is $140 plus tax.  For customers outside of McLennan County, a round trip fee will be added.  The round tip fee is calculated to and from the county borders at $1.50 per mile. 

Pitch Raise

Pianos that have not been tuned in more than one year might require a pitch raise or second tuning. The charge for a pitch raise is $70 and is in addition to the basic tuning fee.  Second tunings are the basic tuning fee of $140. Repairs will vary in price.  If repairs are necessary, our technician will analyze the problem during the tuning appointment and give you an estimate.   Sales tax will be added to all fees.








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